Extra Programs

Omeo Primary School understands the importance for our children to be active and physically fit. The school participates in a range of local sport events and with our neighbouring school, Swifts Creek. We participate in shared events across the cluster providing additional sporting and social contact for our students.

When we are successful with a grant from Sporting School, this allows us to offer additional activities with outside personal. We endeavour to introduce students to a range of sporting skills not available locally.

Omeo Primary School endeavours to make the most of our local opportunities and we run several programs due to our unique location. These programs provide students with great experiences and allow them to show and develop our key values of persistence, enjoyment, and excellence.

Swimming occurs in term 1 with an intensive program run over two weeks. Parent and community support is vital for this to be successful.

Downhill Skiing at Mt Hotham occurs in term 3 with 4 days spread over 4 weeks. Parent and community support is vital for this to be successful.

Biathlon: in recent years we have worked with the national biathlon team to provide opportunities with this sport. Our whole school has participated in cross country skiing and laser shooting at Dinner Plain as part of this program.


Camps are a key feature of the educational experience for our students. Our Camps include:

  • Prep - evening meal at school
  • Grade 1 - evening meal and sleep over at school
  • Grade 2 – one night camp in the local area
  • Grade 3/4 - three day camp
  • Grade 5/6 - five day camp. This camp alternates between a city camp and an outdoor initiative camp

Our camp in grades 3/4 and 5/6 are combined with Swifts Creek School to build social links between the students to assist with transition to secondary school.