Our School History

A Brief History of Omeo Primary School

Omeo Primary School first opened in 1866, under the control of head teacher Mr Alexander Macintosh. Parents paid one shilling and sixpence to have the privilege of having their child educated. As it was not compulsory, secular, or free, student numbers were not high and those who did attend were mostly children of the more affluent community members.

The first school was a simple paling building, but between 1869 and 1878 the building was updated and made from locally made bricks. Remarkably this building remains standing and is still used over a 150 years later.

Omeo State School 1945

Sheila Faithful - 8/12/1922 - 8/6/2001

Sheila Noonan graduated from Bendigo Teachers College in 1945 with a Trained Infant Teachers Certificate. She was appointed to the Omeo School commencing work on February 4th 1947 and retired after 37 years of service on the 14th of December 1987.

The Sheila Faithful Memorial Shield was established in recognition of her great commitment to the students, staff, and the school community.